Frequently Asked Questions

Users can decide whether to have one vision board with one theme. Then as the cards are on the slide show, all the different areas of your life are brought up. Others like fewer cards with more pictures for the various visions. It’s up to you!
When you press add pictures from the web, you can enter the topic or theme you want to search for. Your previous searches show below the search screen.
After you’ve searched the web for images, you are shown a grid with various pictures found with search. Press on the images you want to add. You will check a check for pictures selected. Press done to add these pictures to your board.
Once you’ve added pictures, you can drag them around on the vision board. Place them or rotate them with 2 fingers.
Using 2 fingers, you can squeeze & pinch the image to resize as you want. You can also rotate the images with 2 fingers.
Single Tapping an image or text box will bring it to the forefront or top layer.
If you’ve added a picture and later want to delete it, press and hold your finger on the image to delete. You will see the X show up allowing you to delete the image. You can also delete the image by tapping it. It will bring up the edit options where you can also delete from the menu.
Double tapping a picture brings up the various items you can use to edit on the pictured. Select edit to edit the photo. Here you can follow the prompts for various option to edit photos.
Using the double tap approach, you will find the option to flip the picture you’ve double tapped to edit. You also will find more orientation options in the edit photo interface.
Many social websites require the images uploaded to be square. If you have an image that is not square, the site will crop the image you uploaded. To control the image, you can use the square icon to see how the images will look with 4:3 image ratio (square).
Yes, any image or screen can be set to the background. You can select any image from your photo gallery, or web. Once you have an image loaded, double tapping will bring up the menu that allows you to set as background. The interface allows you to select the parts of the loaded image will be used as a background.
We allow as many images and text boxes as you can fit on a board. You may want to create more vision boards vs a vision board with excessive images and text boxes.
From the menu add text, the app brings up an interface that allows you to type in what text you want to place on the vision board. You will see a text option link. This link allows you to select which font, color and even if you want your text outlined.
Under the text options, you will see you can align your text left, center or right.
Often, you will place an image or text box on the page and want and easy way to snap to a level position. Simply double tap the image or the text box with 2 fingers. It will automatically snap the image or text box level to the page.
If you want to increase the box size with larger fonts, use two fingers and grab the top and bottom edges of the text box. This will increase the text box size and then adjust the fonts to fit.

If you want to adjust the box but keep line spacing, tap the text box and pull from the left and right edges. This will adjust your text box accordingly.

Play with both top&bottom, left and right edges to get different text resizing affects and look.
Pressing the add text/affirmations, you are brought to the edit text screen. Across the top you will see the word Affirmations. Pressing Affirmations brings up a sample selection of affirmations from Hay House authors. Simple tap on the desired affirmation loads the affirmation into the text editing screen.
At the bottom of the affirmations for each author, you can press Get more Affirmations. This brings up additional affirmation collections you can add to your current collection of affirmations. New affirmation collections are added regularly so watch the notices you receive from us! You can also get more affirmations and stickers in the information page under store as well.
At times, upgrades or new IOS upgrades will cause purchases to not show up. All your sticker and affirmation purchases can be restored. Press the "I" information icon. The brings you to the page that shows various options available in the app. Press the store icon. At the bottom, you will see the Restore Previous Purchases button. Pressing this will have you sign into Itunes store and download your purchases.
In the upper right corner, you will see 4 small square icons. This allows you to view all your cards in a grid. All your vision boards are loaded up in a grid. You will see an X in the corner of all your boards. You can delete from this screen or change the order. To change the order, press and hold the vision board you want to move. It will expand to indicate it is ready to move. Simply drag the card to the order you want.
The default order of your cards is the newest card is the first card you will see first. Turning it off allows you to change the order of your vision boards by dragging the board order in grid view of you vision boards.
There is always an X in the upper left corner of the vision boards you have created. You can simply press the X in single board view, or in the board’s grid view. When you press the X to delete, you will be asked to confirm you want to delete that board.
The community allows you to share your vision board and get ideas and support the community. It also allows you to share your boards to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, email and saving your cards to your photo library. You can also earn points by sharing your vision boards. Use these points to buy unique products you can only buy with VB sharing points.
To be able to share your cards or download or capture a vision board from the community, you must have logged into your Hay House Community Account.
Pressing the magnify glass icon, you will be taking to the Hay House Vision Board community. Get inspiration and support from others in the community. To view, like or comment on any community vision board, simply tap the board you want to view.
Often, you will find great vision boards that others in the community have shared. If you want to capture it and add it to your collection of vision boards, press the 3 dots icon. This brings up a menu while viewing that allows you to capture and save the vision board to your collection.
To return back to the community view, press the box in the upper left corner when in full view mode. This take you back to the grid view. You can search the vision boards by various hash tags, or popularity, etc.
Select the board you uploaded to the community. You will see the 3 dots on the bottom right. Pressing the 3 dots, brings up a menu that allows you to delete the image if you uploaded that board.
You will see a home icon in the community grid view. Pressing this take you back to your app and your collection of vision boards.
Your profile can be accessed two ways. The first is to press the information icon. This take you to the information page where you can access your account. Pressing My Account, allows you to see your profile Avatar and password. Type in your password

You can also go to the Vision Board community and press the profile account icon. It will take you to the same interface you see when accessing your profile from the app.
When you select edit your profile, you will see the default App icon being used for your avatar. Press that icon and it will bring up a selection of icons your can choose from. Or you can take your photo to use, or select from your existing photos.

To edit your personal tag line, tap on the open box next to the profile avatar picture. Here you can type in your feelings, motto, or personal tag line.
Under the action items and the goals icon, you open up your goals and actions you are going to take to realize your vision boards. At the time or times you select, your goals will pop up to remind you what you wanted to work on.
An accountability partner will help you quickly achieve your goals. You find that by sharing each others goals and actions keeps you and your accountability partner moving in the right direction. Here you can use your Top 5 Goals as action items. Fill in your actions and then share with your partner. You will find the share in the lower right hand corner. You can share your goals and actions to all the same places you want to share your vision boards.
Pressing the slide play icon brings up the settings for a slide show with your vision boards. This allows you to set the display time of each card, the transition for going from card to card and the most important, the back ground music you want to hear while your vision boards are being displayed. You also can opt to hear your voice affirmations you recorded on your vision boards.
Press anywhere on the screen while the slideshow is playing. This will stop the slide show and return you to single vision board view.
Pressing the slide show icon, it brings up the settings. The default is for no music to play during a slide show. Turn on the play music. Press the Song Title text. This will bring up your iTunes music selection. Select the track or music from your iTunes.